"I had a great time in Italy, and I have a few friends from across the country who would LOVE to go next year and want to know if you have opened it up so that they can come!"N.G.


"I had an amazing time on the Musica Vesuviana trip. I learned so much about not only making and performing music but also even \Italian culture and the people I went on the trip with. It was truly an amazing experience and whenever I look back on it I wish I could go back. I am so happy I went on this trip and I truly can't express how wonderful an experience it was and how much I recommend it to anyone considering it."S.D.


"We just wanted to say how much we appreciated the wonderful opportunity and fantastic experience for my daughter that the trip to Italy provided. She had a great and memorable adventure, and we can't thank you enough for all your care and planning. We hope you had a great time as well. We really enjoyed the live online broadcast too! Thank you all so much again"R.P.


"Musica Vesuviana was an unforgettable experience. It was an amazing opportunity that taught me more about music as well as teaching and exposing all of us to Italian culture and history. I gained so much and truly want to thank you for planning this trip, it went beyond my expectations!"C.M.


"The Musica Vesuviana Festival was truly the best experience of my life.  It opened my eyes to music and a completely different culture.  I really enjoyed rehearsing and performing with the other students, especially in a foreign country!  I also enjoyed learning Italian.  The lessons were very helpful throughout the trip!  I think one of the best things about this camp was meeting such wonderful people who were so kind and generous with us.  I had a great time and would do it all over again in a heartbeat!  Many thanks to Tino D'Agostino and the other instructors who put their time and energy into making this an enjoyable experience for us all!"L.I.


"Where else could you play music in the middle of a street filled with adoring Italian fans, the gorge yourself on authentic gelato? Where else could you receive exclusive lessons on Neapolitan Song? Where else could you be invited to a wealthy Italian businessman's house to be fed a delicious dinner (the cannolis!), with your only payment being playing music you love? Oh, and did I mention the gelato??"O.B.


"I want to thank you for hosting this wonderful trip to Italy!   My daughter hasn't stopped talking about all the fun and would wish herself back to San Marco immediately if it were possible.  We've enjoyed her stories and pictures, the online videos, the live concert.  It was clearly a great time for everyone! You are truly a master at creating novel learning and social experiences for kids!!"L.M.


"Musica Vesuviana was an amazing experience.  I had the greatest time and I didn't want to leave.  The group of musicians bonded so well, and I learned so much about Italian culture.  The trip furthered my musical knowledge as well as my confidence in performing.  I hope many more can experience the same thing."A. M.


"Musica Vesuviana was an awesome trip.  I really enjoyed the music/trips and definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys music.  I would love to do it again next year!!!"


"I often think back to the camp and missed all the kids and music. I really feel sad at times because I realize how nice it was of everyone to welcome me and make me feel comfortable. So I can't thank you enough for allowing me on this trip and giving me some of the best experiences of my life. Musica Vesuviana was a great experience and I will never forget the great times I had with the group."R.C.


"Excellent people, excellent places, and overall wonderful experience. Would love to do it again!"J.D.


"We would like to let you know that my son had a blast in Italy.  It was a great opportunity to explore all the fun things in Italy.  …..  he learned a lot of  new things, while having so much fun with all the students.  Thank you!!!"K.T.


"Thank you SO much for organizing and supervising this trip!! My daughter has not stopped talking about it since she returned and even said she wished she could have stayed for months longer. It was truly a great experience for her and all the kids. She made many new friends. It sounds like such a nice group you had. The hotel looked fabulous."M. C.


"Thank you so much for offering my daughter this opportunity! I'm hearing bits and pieces as we talk about it. It's clear to me that she learned a lot both musically and about Italy, Italian, the people and the culture."T. K.


This trip was life changing. It opened up my eyes to a new world that I had never seen before. I did not know how much of an effect it would have on me until i got home. All I could think of is the amazing trips we went on, all of the songs we sung, and the wonderful culture we learned about! I had the best 2 weeks of my life and I am most definitely returning next summer! The food, the people, everything was fantastic and I would have not traded the experience for anything! I recommend this camp to anyone who would loves to make music, learn about new cultures, and explore! Thank you so much for making this an unforgetable summer! - S.K


Musica Vesuviana was an irreplaceable adventure, with great people and places. Authentic Italian food, a beautiful town and the Mediterranean Sea. I don't think I'll ever forget it. It's one of those times in my life that made me wish i had a replay button for my life.E.S.


The two weeks I spent with Musica Vesuviana were, without a doubt, the best time I had all year, and among the greatest times of my life. Between the magnificent excursions that we went on, and the hilarious inside jokes and exchanges between the campers, I was smiling and laughing nonstop. The food was, of course, out of this world, and the people we met, whether members of the hotel staff or Guido and his wife (who hosted and fed us at their beautiful home), were all incredibly welcoming and kind. My only complaint is that the camp didn't last longer than two weeks!M.H.


"Musica Vesuviana gave me one of the most fulfilling experiences I could ever hope for. Unforgettable trips, extensive lessons with talented musicians, concert locales (one in the center of a castle!), gelato, and all that Italy had to offer, in the short span of two weeks, handed me an enwrapping trip to Italy, guided by an actual Italian. I wish there was more time to spend."Thank you for all the bass tips that will improve my playing in the future. It was a great two weeks and I hope I might come back for round two.G. M.


"I have never really been one for summer camps, and the last summer camp I went to was when I was 8 or 9, but when I first heard about this Musica Vesuviana camp, and the opportunity to work with the video producer there I knew I had to go. It completely surpassed every expectation I had for the camp. The instructors are honestly some of the nicest and most talented people I have met, and it shows in the kids' concerts and recitals. The campus and town of San Marco are beautiful, and will leave you no shortage of activities for your free time. The on-campus pool, private section of beach only 5 minutes away, and the local gelateria were favorite spots. The excursions were a marvel just on their own, seeing Pompeii was completely shocking! Overall, being at the camp was a life-changing experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who plays an instrument, sings, or even wants to learn to do either of those! I 100% plan on attending the camp again next year!"L.D.


grazie for everything. Nicholas had a fantastic  time . He really wishes you lived closer so he could study bass with you. He said you are an amazing bassist. My daughter and I saw Valentina on our flight to Paris. I have your check with me and will send now from La to your Boston address.Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful trip home.Best Regards, Layna


My son wants to do the camp again next year and thinks so highly of you.We are back in Paris and really miss the area of San Marco and Santa Maria. I made so many friends as well and look forward to going back. :)If you go to my facebook and send request for friend, you will see so many photos we have posted. My nephew will most likely do the camp as well and perhaps another friends of Nick's.Upon my return I will send the balance and so sorry as I carried it with me and never gave to you.Best Regards, Layna


I had an amazing time in Italy not only did I learn music theory but I had an introduction to the Italian language. I made some amazing friends and I also have some amazing memories that will last me a life time, I am so appreciative that I was able to come to camp Musica Vesuviana, Italy was so beautiful and this camp will be the highlight of my summer, I was also honored to be taught by the amazing bass teacher Tino D’Agostino I learned so much from him.From Nicholas Friedman


Thank you so much for all the hard work you did through out the year getting this wonderful program organized and for the constant contact you kept with the families to keep them updated. It was an experience that Emma will never forget and she wishes she was still there. I hope that you have a chance to enjoy and relax for the rest of your summer (You certainly deserve it!) and once again thank you so much for offering the most perfect "camp" experience for these high schoolers.E. H.


Give some credit to Mr D and Ms Cristo.  You guys are remarkable.S. M.


My daughter absolutely loved it! As soon as she got in the car it was non stop talking about EVERYTHING that happened over the week, the people, the places, the food, the music, the fun. She immediately said she wanted to go back next year. It was a big let down being back home and she still longs to be back there. Thank you once again for offering such a wonderful experience for these kids. It was a perfect combination of music, excursions, cultural experiences and free time and it was also scheduled at a great time of year so the children who had summer jobs or camps were able still able to do so.

Last News

Sergio Bellotti writes and produces "Washington AC". World premiere!!

April 11, 2015
Italy Music and Arts Camp is proud to announce that our wonderful teacher Sergio Bellotti has written and produced a new fantastic song: Washington AC. Our most heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Bellotti for sharing his talent and creativity with this gre .....


April 2, 2015
Director Tino D'Agostino and former Italy Music Cammp were recently awarded at the MMEA All State Convention. http://arlington.wickedlocal.com/article/20150319/NEWS/150315584 .....

2015 Official Camp Schedule

February 24, 2015

Italy Arts Camp in the news, January 2015, Bostoniano

February 1, 2015
Italy Arts and Music Camp was recently featured on the Bostoniano magazine: http://bostoniano.info/italian_news_boston/musica-vesuviana-holds-open-house/   .....

Italy Music Camp at Berklee High School Jazz Festival!

January 27, 2015
Italy Music Camp will be at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival, this coming Saturday! Come to get information on our .....

Musica Vesuviana Festival Open House, January 18 2015

January 27, 2015
Musica Vesuviana Festival Open House  .....

Italy Music Camp at Jazz Education Network Conference, San Diego(CA)

January 14, 2015
From January 7 to 11, 2015, Italy Music and Arts Camp was at the Jazz Education Network Conference, San Diego(CA). Three staff members and some students presented the Italian school to more thatn 2000 students. Photos at http://www.italymusicc .....

An article from one of our students

December 23, 2014
Enjoy this beautiful article by one of our Music camp student. Over this past summer I attended a phenomenal music camp called Musica Vesu .....

New at Italy Camp. Arts at Musica Vesuviana

December 23, 2014
Art at Musica Vesuviana Lessons in Painting ~ En plein air painting – Students will work outdoors directly from nature.  Students will learn how to incorporate organizational principles such as linear perspective, atmospheri .....

Free concert and Open House Musica Vesuviana Festival, January 18, 5 PM

December 18, 2014
Free concert and Open House Musica Vesuviana FestivalRegent Theatre Arlington, January 18, 2015. 7 Medford St, Arlington, Massachusetts 02474Come for both music and information: the band Spajazzy (with Tino D'A .....

Scholarship Winner and Italy Music Camp Free Concert Open House

December 11, 2014
Scholarship Winner and Italy Music Camp Free Concert Open House This month, we are happy to announce the scholarship winner, the date of an upcoming open house/information session, and two upcoming events that Italy Music Camp will be att .....

Musica Vesuviana Festival at the CASIT event

November 1, 2014
On Wednesday, October 29, 2014, some Arlington High School and Musica Vesuviana Festival students gave a special performance for CASIT's fundraiser to support Italian language studies and programs in schools! Truly an unforgettable experience. .....

Testimonials from 2014 Italy Camp

August 19, 2014
Please, read what students and parents said about our journey in Italy   Mu .....

Official launch of Musica Vesuviana Festival 2015

August 12, 2014
Hello dear friends, we are really happy to announce that the Musica Vesuviana Festival will be held from June 24 to July 8, 2015. We will be at our beautiful Fondazione Passarelli, Sana Marco, Italy. Please, take a look at our photos, journal, scholar .....

News from the Music Camp 2014(from June 24 to 30). We are in Italy making music and visiting this beautiful country

June 30, 2014
Please, note that the following info is from the the Director's emails sent to the parents. Please, forgive mistakes and spelling(internet is very spotty in San Marco).   June 25, Day 1 Dear All,   I wanted .....

Director Sabato D'Agostino awarded of the Excellence in Education Award from the Italian Consulate in New England

May 18, 2014
During the ceremony held in the wonderful setting of the Caravaggio exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Consul Giuseppe Pastorelli presented the 2014 Achievement Award to It .....

Travel tips, departure time, dietary needs, Paestum article

April 23, 2014
REMINDERS FOR CAMP PARTICIPANTS DOCUMENTS:If you have not provided all the documents, please do so at your earliest convenience. DEPARTURE AND MEETING TIME AT BOSTON LOGAN AIRPORT:On June 24th, we will depart at 10:30 PM with the Alitalia f .....


March 29, 2014
Ciao a tutti, We wanted to let you know that we just finalized the official schedule for our Italy Camp 2014(please, see below). Of course, we will ad many other cultural, musical and fun .....

Italy Music Camp in Lugano, Varese, Milan, Bergamo, Como

March 1, 2014
From February 13 to 23, Italy Music Camp performed a music tour in Italy and Switzerland with the Arlington High School Jazz Band. These young musicians were fantastic! The European crowds loved them and we loved performing for them. We rehearsed, collab .....

Italy Music Camp at Berklee Jazz Festival, February 8th, 2014

February 1, 2014
On February 8th 2014, Italy Music Camp will be at the Berklee High School Jazz Festival. This event will be held at the Hynes Convention Center, Boylston Street, Boston, MA.From 9 AM to 5 PM, we will have a booth that will display videos, pho .....

Italy Music Camp at JEN(Jazz Education Network) Dallas, Texas

January 18, 2014
On January 2014, Musica Vesuviana Festival and the Arlington Jazz Band were at JEN(Jazz Education Network), Dallas, Texas. These wonderful and talented young musicians did a phenomenal performance in front of the two adjudicators: Kris Berg and Steve Dou .....

Happy New Year and photos from the December 29 event/open house

January 2, 2014
Happy New Year to all our friends. On behalf of  .....

Press release: Italy Music Camp open House, December 29

December 26, 2013
Hello Dear Friends. We wanted to remind you that on December 29,  Italy Music Camp Musica Vesuviana and Spajazzy will have a free concert and open house. Please, see details in the the below press release: http://www.yourarlington.com/comp .....

Italy Music Camp Open House and free concert: December 29, from 5 to 8 PM.

December 9, 2013
Italy Music Camp Open House and free concert:December 29, from 5 to 8 PM. Spajazzy, Panettone and Italy Music Camp: OPEN HOUSE at the Regent Underground Theater (RUT) 7 Medford St, Arlington, MA 02474 (781) 646-4849LIMITED SEATING---RSV .....

Winner of the $500 scholarship, Italy 2014

December 7, 2013
On behalf of the Italy Music Camp, we are happy to announce the winner of the $500 scholarship for Italy Music Camp Musica Vesuviana 2014. The recipient is Malwina Masternak. She lives in Boston but was born in Poland. At the age of 6 she started sing .....

Few more days left before the Scholarship deadline(November 15, 2013).

November 9, 2013
Few more days left before the Scholarship deadline(November 15, 2013). We are really pleased that so many students have applied. Best of luck to all of you. Please check out the application: http://italymusiccamp.com/News.html?title=Scholarships-oppor .....

Italy Music Camp Musica Vesuviana at the Lugano Conservatory, Lugano, Switzerland.

October 18, 2013
From October 9th to the 14th, Tino D'Agostino and the Italy Music Camp Musica Vesuviana were at the Lugano Conservatory, Lugano, Switzerland. The session was a great success and the students were exceptional. Ple .....

Video Italy Music Camp testimonials.

August 8, 2013
Italy Music Camp testimonials. Enjoy this interview of one of our students. Courtesy of the Gallo Productions: www.galloproductions.com (Please, cut and paste the following link): https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10151038891018920 .....

Scholarships opportunities for Italy Music Camp 2014 are now available.

August 3, 2013
Scholarships opportunities are now available.5th Edition of Italy Music Camp,  .....

Sign-ups for the Italy Music Camp 2014 are now open. June 24 to July 8 2014.

July 30, 2013
Sign-ups for the Italy Music Camp 2014 are now open! Please, go to "Program" for more info and for the 2014 exciting Italy Camp schedule. Also, go to "Booking" for sign-ups. Enjoy our promo video. _________________________________________________________ .....

Our Director Tino D'Agostino nominated Teacher of the Year

July 27, 2013
On behalf of the Musica Vesuviana Italy Camp, we would like to congratulate our Director Tino D'Agostino being nominated Teacher of the year. Congratulations, Maestro! http://www.arlingtoneduca .....

Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino presenting a clinic/concert at Berklee college of Music

July 22, 2013
Staff members Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino at Berklee College of Music, July 18, 2013. The concert/clinic was presented to Berklee students and other guests. There was a full house and the audience was wonderful.   Please, see more on our f .....

Italian music camp Visiting Musica Vesuviana in Boston

June 27, 2013
Antonio Trucillo in Arlington/Boston. Antonio has been a Musica Vesuviana camper in Italy in 2011 and 2012. Now he is visiting Boston and his fellow campers. Musica Vesuviana Festival is delighted to have Antonio here in USA!Thanks to all that have helpe .....

Our Director featured in the "Bostoniano", by Mr. Stefano Salimbeni

June 4, 2013
On behalf of Musica Vesuviana Festival, we would like to congratulate our Director for being featured in the Bostoniano. The article is written by Mr. Stefano Salimbeni. http://www.stefanosalimbeni.com/2013/05/24/the-music-and-life-of-tino-mr- .....

Italy Music Camp in Switzerland and Milan, May 2013

May 16, 2013
In May 2013, Italy Music Camp was in Milan(Italy) and Lugano(Switzerland). It was a fantastic music tour with a lot of teaching and performing. Many thanks to all the people that made this possible: Sergio Bellotti, Mark Greel, Silvia Klemm .....

Congratulations to our Director Tino D'Agostino, award winner of the Pirandello "I Migliori" award

April 13, 2013
On behalf of the Musica Vesuviana Italy Camp, we wanted to let you know that our Director, Tino D'Agostino had the great honor to receive the “I Migliori in Mens et Gesta” award. On April 6, at the Hyatt Hotel in Boston, with 300 people in at .....

Italy Music Camp at the Lugano Conservatory Switzerland, Sergio Bellotti and DR Strings

March 22, 2013
Italy Music Camp at the Lugano Conservatory Switzerland, Sergio Bellotti and DR Strings. .....

Italy Music Camp, News

March 9, 2013
Italy Music Camp news: this is an article about Spajazzy, staff members  Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino participating at the Musica Vesuviana Camp presentation.   =http://www.bostoniano.info/upcoming-events/music-shows/spajazzy-italy-mus .....

Italy Music Camp, News

March 9, 2013
Italy Music Camp news: this is an article about Spajazzy, staff members  Sergio Bellotti and Tino D'Agostino participating at the Musica Vesuviana Camp presentation.   =http://www.bostoniano.info/upcoming-events/music-shows/spajazzy-italy-mus .....

Article about Italy Music Camp 2013

February 10, 2013
Italy Music Camp was mentioned several times in the Italian News. This is one of the articles talking of our Music Camp.   http://www.cilentonotizie.it/dettaglio/?ID=8144 .....

Italy Music Camp in the news

January 27, 2013
Italy Music Camp on the News. Thanks to the Gallo Productions, Gianni Gallo, Stefano Salimbeni and Louis Goncalves, Musica Vesuviana was featured on RAI Italia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGTX2SmvmtM .....

Italy Music Camp at Berklee College of Music, March 2nd

January 19, 2013
Hello Friends,Happy New Year!!We wanted to let you know that Italy Music Camp will at the Berklee Jazz Band Festival on March 2nd. We will be having a display with videos, photos, and more. Also, some of our students an .....

Happy New Year from Musica Vesuviana

December 29, 2012
Happy New Year to all our staff, students and friends .....

Check out some of the food we had at the Fondazione in 2012

December 17, 2012
Italy Camp, photos of some of the food at the Fondazione . .....

The New Winner of the 2013 Scholarship

December 4, 2012
Dear Friends, we are here to announce the new winner of the 2013 Musica Vesuviana Italy Camp Scholarship. Matt Sangiovanni is from Middlesex, New Jersey. He is in his 3rd year at Berklee College of Music in Boston as a Guitar Performance Major. He star .....

November 19, 2012

Winner of the $500 Scholarship and more available scholarships, deadline December 30, 2013

November 19, 2012
      After reviewing many submissions, we are announcing the .....

Italy Music Camp Journal, what we did in June-July 2012

November 12, 2012
Italy Music Camp Journal, what we did in June-July 2012. Please, download the below link to see a spectacular journal that shows you what an incredible experience Musica Vesuviana was in 2012: http://www.mediafire.com/?ug56yet715up6li .....

Italy Music Camp Informational Night. Photos and thank you!

November 3, 2012
Thanks to the staff members Sergio Bellotti and Mark Greel for their phenomenal music. Also, thanks to the Dante Alighieri Society for giving the chance for our camp to talk about our 2013 camp. A special thanks to al .....

Italy Music Camp Informational Night. Photos and thank you!

November 3, 2012
Thanks to the staff members Sergio Bellotti and Mark Greel for their phenomenal music. Also, thanks to the Dante Alighieri Society for giving the chance for our camp to talk about our 2013 camp. A special thanks to al .....

Italy Music Camp 2013, Scholarships deadline, November 15, 2012.

October 27, 2012
Italy Music Camp 2013, Scholarships deadline, November 15, 2012.   Scholarships opportunities are now available. Few more days left. 4th Edition of Italy Ja .....

Italy Music Camp looking for marketing person

October 23, 2012
Do You have a passion for Music Education? Or are you simply strong at marketing and would you like an opportunity to work with a fun project which could lead to spectacular 15 days in the South of Italy.  The "Musica Vesuviana Festival" is looking .....

Concert and Informational session at Dante Alighieri

September 29, 2012
Friday October 26 at 7:00 PM  Dante Alighieri Society | 41 Hampshire Street, Cambridge, MA .....

Italy Music Camp 2012 at Arlington Town Day

September 14, 2012
Italy Music Camp 2012 will be at the Arlington Town Day tomorrow, September 15, from 8:15 AM to 3 PM Staff and students will be at the PAPA table to answer questions about the camp. For more info, visit the following link. http://arlington.patch.com/to .....

Registration Italy Music Camp 2013 and Scholarships available.

September 1, 2012
Italy Music Camp 2013, Registration is open The session of the Camp 2013 will take place in San Marco di Castellabate, Italy, from June 24th to July 8th, 2013. Please, vi .....

New Italy Camp Photos on Picasa and Scholarships available

August 13, 2012
Visit our new Photo Site by using this link  : https://plus.google.com/photos/104775204571992355675/albums?banner=pwa.   .....

Camp 2013 and Scholarships available

August 4, 2012
Italy Music Camp 2013, Registration is open The session of the Camp 2013 will take place in San Marco di Castellabate, Italy, from June 24th to July 8th, 2013. Please, vis .....

Photos and videos from Italy Camp 2012

August 3, 2012
Please, take a look at our newest photos and videos from the Italy Music Camp 2012(use the following links) :                                          .....

Testimonials written by students and parents, Italy Camp 2012

July 28, 2012
Dear Mr. D….I can’t thank you and the camp staff enough for all your efforts on behalf of the children who participated in camp Musica Vesuviana this summer.  Our son returned to us with experiences and memories that will last a life ti .....

Photos from Italy Music Camp 2012!!

July 23, 2012
We had a very successful Italy Summer Camp 2012. We are working on videos, journal, evaluation forms and more. In the mean time, enjoy some of the photos we took while we were in Italy. Ciao!http://www1.snapfish.com/snapfish/thumbnailshare/AlbumID= .....

Director to be honored on April 3rd

April 11, 2012
http://www.yourarlington.com/things-to-do/4493-tino-22712 The Goldin Foundation .....

Vatican Visit, Jazz Courses, Berklee College collaboration

January 28, 2012
Italy Summer Camps sign-ups:Due to an addition to our Italian site building, we still have some spots available for both American and European students. .....


December 30, 2011
JAZZ IMPROVISATION COURSES (New at Musica Vesuviana) JAZZ IMPROVISATION COURSES (New at Musica Vesuviana) JAZZ IMPROVISATION COURSES For beginners, medium and advanced students New at Musica Vesuviana Festival! Please, call o .....

July 3 and 4 updates

July 5, 2011
On July 3rd, we worked all day on music in preparation for our final recital. Also, Ms Christo officially started the scavenger hunt on the roads of San Marco and Santa MAria. July 4th. This morning we went to a school for chef. The Principal and the Pr .....

July 1 and 2 updates

July 2, 2011
July 1st, we celebrated Ms Christo's and Riley's birthdays. We prepared a surprise short celebration with balloons and cake. In addition, we had Mark Greel play Happy Birthday on trumpet. In the afternoon we had guitar classes and then we left for our ne .....

June 30 - Day 6 updates

July 1, 2011
June 30, we had a lot of ensemble combinations lessons, in addition to guitar lessons and italian. The highlight of the day was all of us being invited in this beautiful local villa. The two hosts(Guido and Annamaria) ordered so much delicious food for o .....

June 29 - Updates day 5

June 30, 2011
June 29, we had Italian lessons with Mrs. Gallo and Guitar classes with Mr Greel. Afterwords, we had two special guests from Caserta and th .....

Live show

June 29, 2011
Tomorrow, June 29, (among other activities), we will be live again at  3 PM(Eastern time). .....

June 28 - Diary

June 29, 2011
Today, Ms. Christo took us to the San Marco open market where we explored the local goods(clothes, food, etc). After, We did our daily Italian lesson.  .....

June 27 - Rome

June 29, 2011
On June 27,we went to Rome and visited the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museums, Colosseum, Forum, Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain. We also did a .....

Day 2 here in Italy

June 25, 2011
This morning we started with Italian Lessons. Then, we had Vocal and Instrumental lessons. After lunch we went to the beach. In the late afternoon we had ensemble lessons and guitar jam session. Right before dinner, Ms Christo and Ms. Gallo gave an histo .....